Long's Photography is an independent photography studio, located in Woodlawn, TN. capturing a perspective of people, places and things.  Dynamic lighting with a robust range of colors.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in liberal arts, with an emphasis in psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

My artistic influences are from Georgia O'Keefe, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Steve McCurry. Georgia O'Keefe, the painter, was an early influence.  The large colorful paintings with the bird eye perspectives provided visual experiences.  Henry Moore, the sculpturer, influenced the family themes and three dimensional form, and how to manipulate media to express themes and concepts.  Alexander Calder a huge influence during my formative years.  Developing the use of line and shapes to express visual acuity using negative space.  All of these elements ignited my drive to capture images, render interpretations uniquely using color, culture, and interesting subjects.  Working with two service dogs, which accompany me during photography shoots, I am sure my unique way of seeing events, people and the world with my instincts to recognize connections make my photography unique, it is this "ripple" that connects people and events together.  In these connections, I find meaning and purpose which creates the artistic rendering of deep relationships through my photography.